Finite Element Analysis

We have extensive experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) / Finite Element Method (FEM). We advise on general application as well as specific tasks.

Finite Element Method (FEM)

Finite Element calculation is an effective tool for examining and verifying constructions. We use Finite Element to prove both simple and complex tasks.

Our engineers possess the skills to solve various tasks in the design process and always in close cooperation with the customer. We ensure always that the product complies with all relevant norms and standards.

Project examples

The tasks could be optimization of constructions, in order to reduce weight or production costs – areas that are increasingly in focus. It could also be the identification of critical areas in larger complicated constructions or special requirements for the design in connection with certification.

FEM / FEA as a core competence

Due to our extensive experience with FEM / FEA, we can offer:

  • Strength calculations of structures and sub-elements
  • Voltage and strain analysis, both linear and non-linear
  • Calculation of welded joints and bolt joints
  • Calculations of deformations and deflection
  • Stability / buckling investigation
  • Fatigue and lifetime calculation
  • Modal analyzes to determine eigenfrequencies and oscillations
  • Optimization of constructions (existing and under development)

More information

If you are interested in knowing more about FEM / FEA, please contact FEA Specialist Jesper Søe or CEO Morten Melsing.

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